50 Themed Christmas Basket Ideas

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You will want to take a look at these 50 themed Christmas Baskets ideas for some great gift ideas for family and friends. These diy ideas can be used anytime of the year when you need a unique gift that people will love. With so many diy cool projects you'll have trouble choosing just one. On the list of diy cool projects, you will find gift baskets for kids and teens, gift baskets for women, gift baskets for men, and gift baskets for families. With something to suit most anyone. The following basket projects to do gives you an idea of some of the gift baskets you might consider from each.

1. A diy idea for teens and kids might be a tackle box craft kit. This gift basket uses a tackle box to store everything you need for crafting from pipe cleaners, glue, tape, glitter, colorful buttons, popsicle sticks, tape and more.

2. A DIY idea art caddy, with all sorts of artist supplies from paint, glue, paper, colored pencils, scissors, colored markers and more. The caddy itself is covered in chalkboard paint so you can write on the outside.

3. A diy cool project for a beginner sewing kit. This adorable diy idea uses a mason jar with a pin cushion on top to store thread, scissors, seam ripper, fine pins and more.

4. Pen pal kit with everything from printables, envelopes, postage stamps, stationary, stickers, tape, glue stick, scissors and more.

5. For women gift baskets you might choose the box of sunshine themed gift basket. This basket has everything that is packaged yellow for a cheery basket with Juicy Fruit gum, a dish towel, potato chips, yellow nail polish, soap, lemon tea and more.

6. A DIY idea for a nondairy hot chocolate gift basket with homemade marshmallows, dairy free hot cocoa mix, cookies and more.

7. An all natural cleaners gift basket has everything from mandarins, scented candles, cleaning cloths, and all natural cleaning products.

8. Or you might choose a green beauty basket with all natural lip gloss, an exfoliating wash cloth, natural beauty products, a pumice stone and more.

9. For the men in your life, you can create a diy idea for a gift basket for guy food in a jar. This themed gift basket uses a large sealed jar filled with snacks from chocolate, candy, flavored drinks, gum and more.

10. A gamers gift basket is a good idea for guys who like to spend time on electronics with snacks, drinks, gift cards for games, video games and more.

11. For the families on your list, you might choose a snow day survival kit gift basket.

12. Or diy cool projects for winter cold survival kit. This gift basket has free printable packaging ideas on the site that you will love. The basket has everything you need for those winter colds with honey, Epsom salts, tea cup, cough drops, lemon, google play card and more.

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