Apple-Pie Bread You will make again and again

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This is the kind of surprising, decadent, delicious sort of recipe that the deep south gives to the world and then gives it a simple name, Apple Pie Bread. This recipe has three fabulous layers, all easy to prepare, that will make a bread that will almost certainly become a staple around your house.

This bread includes a number of ingredients that can really help to make a cake moist like sour cream and buttermilk. Whenever you see a recipe that includes this kind of ingredient you can be confident that your results will be sweet, moist and delicious. As well, this recipe does a special little trick with the apples that means the entire cake will be infused with flavor while the apple’s texture will not jar in the bite. Have you noticed that chopped apples can often disrupt a cupcake or cake because its texture is wrong? This recipe offers a smart response to that problem with apples.

As well, a swirl is put together and blended on top of the cake after it is in the pan, but before it is baked. Sound odd? Check it out. You will see what we mean.

When you get this wonderful apple and cinnamon delight out of the oven, don’t stop. Drizzle the glaze over top, allow it to soak in a bit, and then cut yourself a great bit piece. Make the tea. Sit down, eat, and enjoy.

Two tips when you make this recipe today. First, consider toasting the walnuts. Spread them out on a pan, with or without parchment, and bake them at 350F for up to 10 minutes. Watch they don't burn and make extra for future use. Second, consider a tart apple, perhaps a Granny Smith, for a bit of snap in the recipe.

Whatever you do, though, make this Apple Pie Bread recipe today, so you and your family can enjoy it tonight. Find out how to make this recipe and many others at the website, The Southern Lady Cooks, by following the link below.

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