How To Clean Your Bathtub Drain

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If your bathtub drain is running slow, you'll want to learn about these easy house cleaning tips for clogged drains. On the Hometalk site, you find the step-by-step tutorial on how to clear it up and the best part is it will cost you nothing more than time. This house cleaning tip will only require a couple of natural cleaners you probably already have in your cabinets and a couple of simple tools. You'll want to take a look at the Hometalk site for the full step by step tutorial on this easy house cleaning tip for clogged drains. The following house cleaning tips will get you started.

A clogged drain can be quite annoying, and it doesn't always take that long for it to happen. Some signs that you might need to clean your clogged drains is when after you shower or bath, the bathtub takes a long time to drain. You might also have a clogged drain if you find an off smell coming from your bathroom that you can't narrow down, especially after you clean the bathroom. Another tell-tale sign that you have a clogged drain is when the drain has become slow, and you are considering going out and getting a bottle of draino or calling the plumber. If any of these signs are happening to you, you'll want to first try these natural cleaners or house cleaning tips before wasting any money or using toxic chemicals. And the best thing about these house cleaning tips and natural cleaners is that they won't cost you any money, it is also satisfying to take care of this yourself. The tools that you will need for this house cleaning tip for clogged drains include a screwdriver (depending on your clogged drain you may need a Phillips head screwdriver instead of a flat head), and a pair of skinny pliers. The natural cleaners that you will need for a clogged drain include baking soda and some white vinegar, two ingredients you most likely already have in your kitchen cabinets, and a few paper towels. If there is anyone in the house who has long hair, you may find a build up of hair in the clogged drain. Long hair may also mean the use of lots of shampoo and conditioner which causes a build-up of gunk in the drain, along with a bunch of hair that washes down the drain.

To get out any hair, soap and conditioner build up, takes someone who has a strong stomach, as it is not a pleasant smell when having to remove. It is most likely you will get some black sludge coming out of the drain, and it is a good idea after cleaning the clogged drain, to try and do this house cleaning tip on a regular basis. Put the paper towels down in the bathtub along the sides of the clogged drain, and pick up your skinny pliers. Insert the skinny pliers into the clogged drain and then pinch the pliers and then pull up. You should come up with a clump of hair. You want to continue doing this step until the clogged drain looks clear. You can use a combination of the screwdriver and the skinny pliers if you can’t reach all the hair in the clogged drain, and if you don’t have skinny pliers, you may be able to do this step just using your Philips screwdriver, but the pliers are a bit easier. For the step by step tutorial and house cleaning tips for clogged drains, look at the Hometalk site.

You will find these house cleaning tips for a clogged drain on the Hometalk site. On the site, you will find house cleaning tips, natural cleaners, gardening tips, home decor, organizing tips and so much more. **

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